Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Listen up all you cats and kittens.

Oh say, what? You didn't know that mega radster DJ Pelvis is going to be entertaining us with his spins of 60's mod, psych, garage, Hammond-beat, tambourine-shakes, yé-yé, proto-punk, world-grooves, freakbeat, funk, fuzz, and Farfisa for the entire Seattle Vegan Chili Cook-off?

It is true. As DJ Pelvis himself says, "Listen up, all you cats and kittens, and freak out to the freak beat! I bring the funk and the fuzz, the grit and the grooves, the boss and the bitchin'. So quit bench-racing around the pad and beat feet to hear some choice tunes. Don't let some square chop you; tell' em to climb it, Tarzan, and cut out to hang loose with some wax and have a far-out time, dig? Easy, man."

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